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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide clinicians and doctors with the capability to effectively treat patients by significantly reducing chair time and invasive treatment and provide simplified restoration choices through innovative implant design and techniques.

The Osseofuse dental implant system is developed by clinicians for clinicians with comfort and safety of patients in mind. We take a simple approach in the advancement of our implant system by incorporating the optimum features of various implant systems on the market and consolidating them into one unique system. OsseoFuse partners with many leading implantologists to develop our full line of dental implants and components which provide an all-inclusive implant system, both surgically and prosthetically. This detailed approach requires insight and direct involvement from accomplished clinicians and specialists whom have placed thousands of implants using alternative implant systems. With the combined experience and technical expertise of leading implantologists, OsseoFuse continues to design and manufacture dental implants and components that makes dental implant surgery simple which leads to less patient chair time and less invasive surgery, compatible which gives clinicians more flexibility during restoration and predictable by, incorporating within the system design proven innovative techniques.