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Why Osseofuse

Why Choose OsseoFuse


OsseoFuse is always striving to unify and simplify the surgical procedure. We believe simplified procedures lead to shorter chair time and less
invasive surgery.


OsseoFuse is committed to providing a compatible implant line in an effor to standardize the dental implant market. This provides clinicians and doctors with more flexibility in restorative therapy.


OsseoFuse strives to provide products which allow for easier and simpler surgery with scientifically proven innovations to ensure the best predictability with all our implant lines.

Benefits of OsseoFuse

OsseoFuse is truly the only all-inclusive implant system, both surgically and prosthetically.

  • Simple two-step drill system that has individually preset the drills
  • Providing three different options: internal hex connection, internal conical connection or One Body
  • The One Body implant has fewer long-term complications and maintenance requirements
  • Both the HexaPLUS connection and ConicalPLUS connection provide excellent implant connectivity for implant restorative needs
  • The OsseoFuse Mini Implant system satisfies three different areas of clinical needs
  • OsseoFuse has the exclusive permission to incorporate the Hydraulic Sinus Condensing Technique (HSC) and related technology