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Hexa Plus

The OsseoFuse HexaPLUS implant is OsseoFuse’s internal hexagonal connection implant. It has all of the features that make our implants unique: platform switching compatibility, straight neck design, tapered implant body, and our helical cutting edge.

The HexaPLUS implant also features RBM, or Resorbable Blast Media surface. This surface uses bio-compatible calcium phosphate ceramic media to roughen the titanium surface, which increases surface area approximately 250% compared to a smooth machined surface. Years of research on RBM have shown that it vastly increases implant acceptance rates, keeping you and your patients happy.

All of our implants utilize the same abutment size. This helps simplify second surgery while offering versatility with a vast selection of abutments, allowing you to pick the abutment that offers the best esthetic outcome.

OsseoFuse has a wide range of drills and surgical aids for use with the HexaPLUS system. We utilize one drill which allows precise osteotomy site preperation and less chair time for both the surgeon and the patient. See our implant accessories page for more information.

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